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about us

Cedar+Mac is a 3D laser scanning provider. A laser scanner is an advanced laser measurement tool. We use it to collect 3D data of the existing conditions of Property, Infrastructure, and Entertainment projects. 

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Our mission is to provide Asset Intelligence: the highest quality 3D data collected through a disciplined process that integrates into existing workflows and enables all stakeholders to make more informed decisions. 

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We don't develop or sell 3D laser scanning hardware and software. We are a service provider collecting useable 3D data and delivering it into existing workflows and processes. The objective of all our services is to get on and off site management actionable information of the existing conditions of a project.

We've developed a process using best-in-class equipment and methods called The Cedar+Mac Standard


Service: scan the site, process the data, and export it in a format customized for each party.

Deliverable: filtered Point Cloud data that is detailed enough to model, while being a functional file size. A report created from the data for off-site management. Request sample data and a sample report. 

Uses: provide design teams with a foundation to update CAD, or if no CAD exists it can be created from the Point Cloud. Provide off-site management with an in-depth view of the project. 

Benefit: minimize human error and change driven delays by getting all parties working off the correct existing conditions


Service: same as above, but if you are unable to work with Point Clouds, we can create a detailed as-built model or updated CAD for you. 

Deliverable: 2D or 3D CAD model in a level-of-detail requested by the client. 

Uses: the updated as-built based on precise existing conditions now provides design and construction teams better information on site.

Benefit: same as above, but the design team does not have to do the modeling. 

2D view of a Point Cloud.

2D view of a Point Cloud.

Importing the Point Cloud and drawing the CAD.

Importing the Point Cloud and drawing the CAD.

The 2D as-built drawn from the Point Cloud. 

The 2D as-built drawn from the Point Cloud. 


We offer consulting services for clients who have never used laser scanning, or for clients who need additional help using the Point Cloud data. We also consult clients who have invested resources to do scanning in-house.




We bring the same quality Lidar scanning to a production that we bring to a $4 billion construction project. We also offer quick, simple, VFX quality head & body scanning collected on set.


Service: scan the prop, set, or location, process the data, and export it in a format customized for each VFX team.

Deliverable: Point Cloud data and mesh files. Request sample data.

Uses: match move, camera tracking, texture mapping, 3D modeling.

Benefit: increase quality and efficiency of visual effects.

Body scanning sample.




Property & Infrastructure 

After years of operating in the lowest-bid-wins environment, we have dedicated the resources to developing a pricing structure based on scanning method and property type. We have three classifications for property types:


Example projects would be a demoed space, big box retail, or an empty industrial space. The price per square foot starts at $0.06.


Pricing for entertainment is less complicated. We charge a daily rate and offer discounted production rates. Contact us for a price quote. 


Medium Density: 

Example projects would be an open floor plan office, a an open space with dense MEP, or a full distribution warehouse. The price per square foot starts at $0.10.



Example projects would be a multi-family, a built-out office, or a complex heavy industry project. The price per square foot starts at $0.18.







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