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Cedar+Mac offers real asset measurement services utilizing state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning technology to more accurately and efficiently provide measurement data and documentation of existing asset conditions for Ownership Stakeholders and the firms that serve them through Planning, Design, Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Property & Facility Management.

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Our mission is to provide Asset Intelligence: the highest quality 3D data collected through a disciplined process that integrates into existing workflows and enables all stakeholders to make more informed decisions. 

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Laser Scanning




Data Auditing




Airport modernization project teams are constantly dealing with old and poorly documented site conditions.


Plants encompass industrial processing and manufacturing. These facilities require the highest quality data to meet construction specifications. 

These modernizations also often rely on outdated plans.


Our services add the most value to industrial, office, & mission critical renovation projects, due to the need for reliable existing condition information and our ability to cover more ground on these property types.


Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is an advanced form of measurement.

The equipment is a survey tool that sits on top of a tripod. As the scanner does a slow 360 degree turn, the actual laser (located in the middle) sends out millions of laser pulses as it rapidly spins vertically. All the pulses are registered as points collectively referred to as a Point Cloud.

Point Cloud

Point Clouds are the combined dataset of millions of laser pulses from multiple scan positions tied together. The laser scanner is moved around the exterior and interior of a property. Architects, Engineers, & Contractors can use Point Clouds to take 5mm accurate measurements of site conditions and create 3D models for design purposes.

Why Use Laser Scanning?

Laser scanning is helpful when there are inaccurate, out-dated, or non-existent existing condition documents of a property. 

It’s common practice to collect existing conditions data of a site before construction. However the methods used aren’t always the most efficient or accurate. Tape measures, cameras, Disto laser pointers, are all currently implemented, but take up to 4x longer and don’t provide nearly as much accurate data. 

The amount and accuracy of the data collected, in addition to being adaptable to existing workflows makes it the best way to get important information to project teams.

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the broadest sense is digital information of a property.

How BIM works with Laser Scanning

When BIM is being used for a renovation the property has existing conditions the Architect has to design within. 

Laser scanning creates an incredibly detailed 3D Point Cloud of the existing conditions. However, the Architect can’t design just using the Point Cloud, so a baseline 3D model is created based on the Point Cloud and the Architect now has an accurate 3D model that reflects the existing conditions on-site. 

The alternative to creating an existing conditions BIM model without laser scanning is to convert the existing CAD documents to a 3D model or to measure the property with a tape measure and create an updated 3D model. 

The problem with these alternative methods is they don’t actually solve the problem. The problem is not knowing what’s actually on-site. Converting CAD documents involves making the assumption that the building was built exactly according to plan or that nothing has changed from the original plan over the years. 

Measuring with a tape measure is inefficient and doesn’t provide the complete picture. Unless the person measuring is taking dimensions of every single inch of the property. They usually take a few measurements and average the rest of the property out. 

Point Cloud to BIM is the most efficient way to get a project team working off accurate existing conditions from the start.


DAta Auditing

Data Auditing is a specialized service developed for complicated projects or projects that already have Point Cloud data associated with them. 

The purpose is two-fold: 1) get all parties working off the same dataset and 2) make sure the data is accurate. 

The auditing process is the same QA/QC process all our data goes through. After the data passes this rigorous QA/QC it’s processed into a format that will work seamlessly with all workflows.






Example projects would be a demoed space, big box retail, or an empty industrial space. The price per square foot starts at $0.08.


Medium Density: 

Example projects would be an open floor plan office, a an open space with dense MEP, or a full distribution warehouse. The price per square foot starts at $0.13.



Example projects would be a multi-family, a built-out office, or a complex heavy industry project. The price per square foot starts at $0.25.







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